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3 Ways Sports are Costing You Money

Sports, whether you play or are a die hard fan, can be expensive
Americans takes great pride in athletics. Whether you play sports yourself or are simply a fan, sports have weaved their way into our lives. These activities are a source of entertainment and bring friends and families together, especially now that college and professional football have begun their seasons.

Whatever your level of involvement, sports are costing you money. We would like to draw attention to three ways sports may be breaking your budget.

Equipment and Apparel
Many sports require you to purchase special equipment. And, whether it is you or your child who are playing, all that equipment can cost a pretty penny. Some common purchases are special shoes, clothing, balls, bats, and gloves. It is easy to commit to a sport before realizing all the additional expenses that come with it, so be sure you are aware of those costs before you or your child commit to a sport.

Being a fan isn’t free! If you want to cheer on your favorite team, be prepared to spend a significant amount on game or season tickets; the average ticket price for an NFL game in 2013 was $81.54. Even when not attending the game in person, television providers such as DISH, DIRECTV and others charge a significant amount to have access to common sports channels or bonus packages, such as NFL Sunday Ticket, that allow you to watch more games than you would normally.

Along with making a big purchase for entry tickets, be aware of other costs that come with attending. Travel costs could also be a significant if your child plays on a traveling sports team. The gas alone to get to and from games can be costly, but then there are additional costs as well: parking, memorabilia and food.  Concession stands are notorious for charging an arm and a leg for food and drink. We encourage you to budget for all expenses before taking off to the next game.

The fact is that whether your child is playing a sport or you are playing it yourself, most likely you will have to shell out a good deal of cash. The best way to be prepared for these costs is to budget for them. If you need help setting up a savings account, specifically for your sports-related costs, stop by either Sunset Bank locations in Waukesha and we will take care of everything.