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Black Friday Savings Tips


A day after giving thanks for all your life’s joys, will you be pounding pavement to add a couple more reasons to be thankful to that list?

Black Friday – the U.S. holiday retail affair held the day after Thanksgiving – saw 140 million Americans push through store doors in 2014 in hopes of snagging spectacularly discounted goods. While the sales are plentiful, so are the opportunities to destroy your budget in a shopping fever dream. Before you whip out your wallet, Sunset Bank & Savings wants you to take these money-saving tips to heart:

Choose quality over quantity: Sure, you get a thrill out of comparing what you saved to what you spent. However, if you invest in crummy products slashed down day-of, you’ll end up spending more in the end when they inevitably break down. If a price-per-item looks too good to be true, it probably is. Pull out your Smartphone and do a quick search for consumer reviews before you throw it in the cart in victory.

Make a list, check it twice: “Mom would love that ring, it’s so her! Grandpa has had his eye on a new fishing reel for a while, better throw that in the cart, too. That LED Snowman is too cool, I can’t pass that up! I’ve heard Parks and Rec is pretty good, and with a price like that, somebody’s bound to want it…” You started out so strong, purchasing for those that really should be on your giving list. Don’t cave mid-way through by buying gifts not on your list for people that didn’t make the cut either!

Set a hard limit: Don’t let yourself be dazzled by the price cuts and frenzied atmosphere. Head into the stores with a maximum budget, and fuse yourself to it. If you walk in with a wishy-washy idea of what you want to spend, you’ll blow way past it without much thought or emotional anguish – until you get the bill next month.

Choose security over fashion: The crowds are jostling, emotions are high, and pickpocketing takes no more effort than a head-on collision in aisle three and a quick “oh, sorry!” If you choose to carry a purse, make sure it closes securely with zippers or a latch, and opt for a style that slings over the body rather than at your side so it’s close at hand and less difficult to snatch and run.

While it’s exciting, no shopping spree is worth the post-purchase regret. Give us a call to form a financial plan that’ll keep you in line while standing in line, and enjoy the kick-off to the holiday season!


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