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Considerations for Buying a Lake Home

Consider these tips when looking to purchase a summer lake home.

Consider these tips when looking to purchase a summer lake home.


Hundreds of beautiful lakes and lake front properties makes Wisconsin a great place to look if you are searching to purchase a summer lake home.  Purchasing a lake home is a huge investment and Sunset Bank wants you to keep the following considerations in mind when looking for the perfect lake home getaway for you and your family:

The Current State of the Home – Living on a lake has many advantages, but it can also have its drawbacks. Being surrounded by moist air can be very hard on homes, leaving many with water damage or even mold.  Avoid purchasing a home with hidden dangers or damages but hiring a qualified home inspector.

Consider the Home’s Orientation – This includes details about which direction the main windows face, if there are trees around the property or how close to the water level is the home.

Research the Lake – Lakes can range in a variety of characteristics. Does the lake have a sandy or rocky bottom? Is it a very busy lake? Are motorized boats or jet skis allowed? Is there a weed problem? Can the shoreline be easily accessed? These are some questions to ask yourself when looking at lake homes.

Year-Round vs. Summer Only – If you are planning to live in your lake home year-round, make sure your home is prepared for the winter months by having proper insulation and heating options.

Check for Modern Conveniences – One of the great things about owning a lake home is the privacy and seclusion that the property can offer.  However, when the time comes to get basic staples for your home, consider how far you are willing to drive to reach grocery stores or gas stations.

Ease of Access – If you are planning to retire in a lake home, be sure to purchase a lake home that offers easy access to both the home and the lake.  Properties with greater slopes or more trees may present challenges for those with mobility problems or the elderly.

There are few things greater than spending a summer in Wisconsin out on the lake in your very own lake home.  If owning a lake home is a dream of yours, Sunset Bank can help with our mortgage, home equity lines of credit or loan services. Contact us today to learn more!