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Home Selling Mistakes


In our last blog, we talked about some common mistakes that home-buyers make. Today, we want to look at the flip side of the coin and talk about mistakes that people make when they are selling their home.


There are enough horror stories of homes left sitting on the market, unscrupulous real estate agents and deals that fall through to fill countless books. So how do you keep your home selling story from being added to those pages of misery?


Sunset Bank and Savings wants to help! Here’s a list of the most common home selling mistakes we have seen. Take a look to ensure your home selling story is a happy one!


Going with the cheapest real estate agent you can find- The right! A real estate agent is a large part of a good home selling story. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true.


Don’t price too high- Home pricing is always a hot topic. Consider what is being paid for other homes in your neighborhood or other homes that are comparable to yours, rather than what you paid for your home.


No stalking allowed- Having a prospective buyer is exciting, but suffocating them with every last detail as they walk through your home is a turn off. Give them some privacy to walk through your home and imagine themselves living in it.


Invest in improvements- Obvious flaws won’t allow you to sell your home, so make the little changes that have a large impact: eliminate odors, get rid of stains and keep up your home’s curb appeal.


Pack up personal things- Buyers want to imagine themselves in your home, so your stuff needs to go. Personal photos, decorations, and anything that’s cluttering up the space needs to go.


Any of the professional Mortgage Bankers at Sunset Bank and Savings can help with your home selling concerns to prevent your story from turning into a tale of terror. Get in touch with them today!