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How Mobile Deposit Can Make Your Life Easier

Mobile Deposit

What if driving to the bank to deposit a check was no longer a weekly chore? What could you do with that extra time? At Sunset Bank, we think you could do a lot! Starting January 17th you can enjoy the simplicity of Mobile Check Deposit when you have an open checking or savings account.  See how you could start saving time today:

  • Track payments accurately and easily. Curious if your nephew finally cashed that birthday check? Review your check transactions within the app, and watch payments remotely deposit as they enter into your account history.
  • No Trip to the Bank. Save the trip! With a few clicks and pics on your phone, you’ve turned a half-hour errand into a five-minute to-do. Use the extra time to sleep in, run another errand, or simply enjoy your day!
  • Integration with Mobile Banking. Not only do you have all the perks of mobile check deposit, but in the mobile banking app, you can also transfer funds, automate monthly bills, and monitor your personal accounts.
  • Open 24/7. Unrestricted hours are one of the greatest perks of this convenient app. Make your deposit at any time, any day to begin adding it to your account. That way whenever you have a moment to manage money, the opportunity is there for you to use!

Start taking back your day, and make more time for the little things. With Mobile Deposit by your side, you can begin to expand your to-do list beyond the weekly tasks, and begin tackling those projects you’ve been procrastinating! If you have a project that needs some financing, we’d love to help you with that too!