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Make Extra Money This Summer

Tips on how you can make some extra cash this summer.

Tips on how you can make some extra cash this summer.


Summer time is a great time to get out, attend events, do some traveling and enjoy the summer weather.  However, it can get costly if you are always busy attending events and paying for weekend trips.

At Sunset Bank & Savings, we want you to be able to enjoy all of the activities that summer brings by sharing some helpful tips on how to make a little extra cash:

  1. Turn your spring cleaning into summer cash.  Consider teaming up with some neighbors to have a garage sell, or think about using online sale forums to get your lightly used goods and furniture.  It may seem like you are selling your stuff for cheap, but it can add up quickly!
  2. If you are a college student out for the summer, a school teacher, or are very knowledgeable on various school subjects, check out becoming a summer tutor.  Being a summer tutor can look great on a resume and may get you some extra money for just a few hours of your time.
  3. Start up your own lawn maintenance services or join up with an existing one.  Working for the city by mowing park lawns is a very popular summertime gig.  You can also start up your own service by starting with neighbors, friends, and family and having them spread the word for you.
  4. Apply for jobs that thrive in the summer time!  Just like lawn care, jobs that are only around in the summer are usually a lot of fun and can be great part-time jobs.  Amusement parks, golf courses, ball parks, and lawn and home care department stores are all great ideas to make extra money in the summer time.
  5. Browse the Internet!  In today’s world, the Internet is key to just about everything.  Browse for easy money by doing online surveys, customer service jobs, or online assistance jobs.

Summer is a great time to fill up your social calendar, but it can be costly if you aren’t prepared!  Working a part-time summer job could make all the different if you are willing to work a little extra.  With any extra money you make this summer, Sunset Bank & Savings is here to help you save and invest your funds!

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