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Home Buying

A spacious backyard with a white picket fence. A rustic plot in the country just outside of town. A four-bedroom beauty custom designed by you and your spouse. Whatever your vision, home ownership is a unique adventure! At Sunset Bank & Savings, we offer not only the industry standard variety of mortgage options to help you finance your slice of the American dream, but so much more.

Competitive Pricing: – We all say it. Sunset Bank & Savings makes it especially easy.   We help you understand the basis for the pricing on your mortgage in order for you to make the best decision as to when to lock in.  Our pricing procedures guaranty an interest rate and closing costs in line with the market.  Our pricing quotes are easy to understand and accurate.  Ask us about all of your options.

It Doesn’t Need To Be As Complicated As It Seems – That’s because with Sunset Bank & Savings you get a partner and an advisor to help you reach the closing table and your goal of owning whatever home you choose.  We like to say we treat each application as if it were our own.

Partners – Refinancing or buying a home, whether it’s your first, second or beyond that, is not something you do every day.  It is something we deal with every day and offer our expertise and the expertise of our vendors to insure a successful closing.  Need a friend because a concern presents itself?  No need to worry!  We have your back!  After all, that’s what we’d want if we were the customer.

Experience Often an overused word but one of the great strengths Sunset Bank & Savings offer.  From Senior Management to Operations to your Loan Originators, we are at the top of the class in average time in the industry and the level of knowledge needed to overcome anything that could derail your purchase or refinance.

Start with any of our Mortgage Loan Officers at Sunset Bank & Savings.  We’re ready to answer your questions and excited to help you take the next big steps towards home ownership, your next home or refinancing the home you already have.  Give us a call at (262) 970-9000 to set up an appointment today!