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National Coupon Month

Celebrate National Coupon Month by saving some cash!

Celebrate National Coupon Month by saving some cash!

Grab your scissors, the Sunday ad section and get ready for some coupon clipping because this month is National Coupon Month! According to Coupon Month and the Performance Marketing Association, folks who use coupons while making purchases on a regular basis can save anywhere from $500-$1000 a year. If you save that amount each year, just imagine the change in your savings account after just five years!

We all know that coupons can help us save, but couponing can also create responsible shopping and money management habits:

  • Can help you become more aware of price differences between brands and products.
  • Can help your kids learn the importance of saving, understand percentages and to perform basic mental math.
  • Can help you feel more confident when bargaining with sales people and looking to receive the best prices.
  • Learn how to watch for sales to make your couponing really count!

Now that we know how important couponing can be, let’s explore some basic tips on making the most of your couponing:

  • Check for online coupons with online coupon providers such as
  • Sign up for emails from your favorite stores. They can send coupons and notify you of any sales via email.
  • Along with signing up for store emails, consider signing up for stores that offer rewards programs. These programs are usually free and offer you coupons at certain checkpoints.
  • Clip coupons when you are sure that you will use them. Coupons can help you buy the items you need a more affordable prices, but if you use a coupon just because it is about to expire then you may end up buying something you don’t actually need.

For more information on budgeting, tips on saving and information on savings accounts, feel free to contact Sunset Bank and Savings at any time!

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