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Online and Mobile Banking 101

Get a better understanding of mobile and online banking.

Get a better understanding of mobile and online banking.

These days, online and mobile banking seem to be taking over the world of banking and finance. With such ease of use and unlimited accessibility, more and more people each day are switching to online and mobile banking.

Have you accessed online or mobile banking yet? Do you wonder about security? From the benefits of online and mobile banking to tips on keeping your bank accounts safe, Sunset Bank and Savings is here to help.

Benefits of mobile and online banking:

  • View account balances
  • Make transactions and make payments
  • Transfer funds between accounts, including credit lines and loan accounts
  • Track spending and purchases
  • Option of receiving and saving electronic account statements, eliminating paper statements
  • Uses passwords, pins and built in security features to maintain privacy, safety and security

Mobile banking with Sunset Bank and Savings not only offers all of the features listed above, but we also offer the use of the TouchBanking Mobile App that can be operated with iOS and Android powered smart phones.

As far as security, online and mobile banking offer very secure platforms to do your banking. As online and mobile banking continue to mature, so do the security measures. However, there are some security measures that you can take to even further protect your online and mobile banking accounts:

  • Create a username/login and password for your online bank account that are easy for you to remember, but would be hard for others to understand. The use of capital letters, symbols (&,$,#, etc), numbers and phrases tend to increase the strength of your username and password.
  • Set up a password or pin to unlock your cell phone or computer.
  • Avoid banking or sending banking information while using Wi-Fi in public places, such as coffee shops. You never know how secure public Wi-Fi can be.
  • Research any app before downloading it.

If you are unsure about anything regarding online and mobile banking, Sunset Bank and Savings is just a phone call away!

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