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Vacationing with an RV

The best way to avoid over spending while traveling with your RV is to plan ahead.

The best way to avoid over spending while traveling with your RV is to plan ahead.


The summer is a great time to bring out the adventurer in you and travel the country in an RV.  While traveling and owning an RV is a fun way to spend time with your family and see the beautiful countryside, there are many costs to consider before hitting the road. Sunset Banks wants to make sure you are prepared for the costs of traveling with an RV with following tips:

  • Fuel – We all know that gas prices are never where we would like them to be, so keep in mind the cost of fuel when thinking about where you want to travel. A cross-country trip would cost a lot more in gas than heading just one or two states over.
  • Maintenance – An RV is a large investment and you’ll want to make sure it is running properly and well taken care of. Maintenance fees can range in price depending on what you need.
  • Food – An RV is your home while you are on the road, so you have to stock it up with food! The initial cost of buying food for your RV may be expensive, so have money set aside to cover this cost. In the long run, however, making meals in your RV instead of eating out for every meal will save you money.
  • Park Fees – Many parks and RV campgrounds have fees you must pay in order to stay on that property. If you know where you are going ahead of time, check the park’s website or call to see what the park fees or passes will cost.
  • Plan for Accidents – Accidents can happen on any type of vacation. Have a first aid kit stocked and stored on your RV in case of any medical emergencies with your passengers.  Also, consider any accidents that may happen with your RV – keep a spare tire (or 2) on hand, look into roadside assistance services, an RV insurance policy or set up an emergency fund specific to RV emergencies.

We hope that you and your family have a great vacation with your RV this summer! If you don’t have an RV and are thinking about purchasing one, Sunset Bank offers consumer loans to help you achieve your dream of purchasing and traveling in an RV with your family. Contact us about our consumer loan services today!